Quotes from letters written by fourth graders in response to the STArt! Workshop

Mrs. Cristensen's class, Tulita School, Redondo Beach, CA, Spring 2002.

"... I had the most fun going on the computer to learn about the molecules we saw... I had so much fun, I'm even thinking about becoming a scientist, even though I really, really, really want to be a wildlife vet!"

Mallory included a color drawing of a water molecule model.

"That game on the computer, it was... So cool! It was neat the ways you could rotate them [molecular models]. I hope you do that [the STArt! Presentation] for 5th grade so I can see you again.

P.S. Molocules are soooooo interesting!!!"

Natalie included two different representations of H2O, as a "line" and "ball and stick."

"...You made learning more fun and interesting, because you had all the materials for us to actually look at. You also showed a good example on molecules & atoms so it was easier to understand. Like this->"

Maky drew an arrow pointing to a model of H2O. She also included a drawing of a water bottle sprayer, showing molecules in the mist spray.


"... I can't believe I never thought wear the colors of the rainbow came from. After all I see them everyday. At lunch I went to try the exsperament you told us which is I chew a piece of bread for a really long time and it will begin to taste sweet. I hope you have a great year."

Caitlin included a H20 model.

"... I used to not like science but now I do! My favorite part was the computer and knowing the different molicules and atoms..."

Megan included an H2O model.

"... Now I know that planets and other stuff has molecules. I had a lot of fun seing and learning about stuff that I didn't know yet!"

Carla included a colored H2O model.

"... I wish we could have stayed longer..."

Zane drew an H2O model inside a water drop.


Science Rocks!

poem by Chanel Shaw
Fourth Grade, Tulita School, Redondo Beach, CA


Science is cool.
Cool for school.
I enjoy learning about science and I hope you do too.
Enjoy learning while you can.
Never give up on your dreams.
Can always count on learning.
Everybody is good at something and I'm good at science.


Really try hard.
Oh boy! I got an A in science.
Can you make a difference?
Keep trying.


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